How to Evaluate Your Sex Life as a Homosexual

How to Evaluate Your Sex Life as a Homosexual

It’s shocking to women to find out the men they fell in love with is gay when actually the signs were already there to begin with; she was in denial.

Here is an insight on the subject of knowing if the man is a homosexual or not since so many women have blinders on.

First of all real gay men can’t hide the fact that they are gay.

There are signs somewhere to show you this whether it’s how he walks, talks, or acts.

1. Gay men are over dramatic and great over actors.

They go out of their way to prove what their saying is true to make you a believer.

Don’t fall for this women.

You must understand they have a feminine side to them already as any type of excessive emotion or flamboyance is a major sign.

2. Pinky finger up the rest of the digits down.

Dead giveaway women.

Any man who grips his coffee mug or cup with every finger except the pinky finger is flaming gay.

3. Gay bashing of other gay men.

Heterosexual men don’t care what another man is doing.

If your man is constantly berating other gay men that is a sign of self-hatred.

He’s gay and he hates himself and he puts down others like himself.

It’s the mirror effect.

He hates that he sees his own characteristics in other gay men.

4. Gay men check out other men as hard as they would a woman.

If you catch your man eyeballing another man hard, he’s not looking at his clothes.

He’s looking at what’s in them clothes and wondering if the guy he’s looking at is like himself.

5. Negative attitudes towards all women.

Heterosexual men know how to talk to a woman.

Gay men try to out do a woman.

They want the status of being the real queen.

They brag about themselves on how good they are in everything they do.

They have derogatory names towards women and seem like there is a jealousy or hatred towards the woman he is with.

RUN if you notice these behaviors.

6. Using gay terms with all his friends. Red flag women.

A heterosexual man will not call his best friend any type of gay term because he knows it will start a fight but a gay man will freely do this because he knows he’s calling them as he sees them literally.

If the homosexual community cannot keep this fringe from spouting off, making threats , then the entire gay community will fall far short of their goals of over all acceptance, which they seek.

7. Gay men commenting on another mans personal hygiene or grooming practices such as how clean his hands or fingernails are is a for sure sign.

This is a big giveaway and self-explanatory.

8. The most important sign of all, trust your instinct.

If the feeling is gnawing at you and the clues above exist, get away quick.

There is more to life than this one tiny little trivial cause in the world of yours.

Stop acting like a silly little human and join humanity and then they will embrace your cause and understand your need for freedom of sexual preference with all that this great nation has to offer.